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  Lepto Lasik    

During Lasik, a flap of the cornea is made with a machine called a microkeratome. The standard microkeratome creates a thickflap of 130 microns.


A thinner flap gives better results. The procedure of creating a thin 90 microns flap of the cornea with a special microkeratome head is called Lepto Lasik. Lepto Lasik enables us to treat higher refractive errors. It also gives better quality of vision and a more stable cornea.

    Lasik MEL - 80    

  What are the advantages of Lepto-lasik?

There are several clear advantages to adopting such an approach. 

  1. An improved adhesion of the flap to the stromal bed after the ablation.

  2. Thinner cut means that there is more tissue available for the actual ablation.

  3. The thinner flaps enable surgeons to treat a larger optical zone with a shallower ablation depth giving our patients a better quality of vision than they would have with standard LASIK procedures.

After doing Lepto-lasik patients experienced a much faster visual recovery using his approach. Patients see markedly better after this treatment.There is an improvement in contrast sensitivity, a reduction of higher order aberrations.

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