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The Next Step:
Time Schedule

The usual time schedule for LASIK is..

    Day 1: Pre operative eye examination



Day 2: Surgery

    Day 3: Post operative evaluation the next morning. After which you are free to continue your normal activities.

Your pre operative eye care begins on the day the date for your lasik treatment is finalized. Always follow all the instructions diligently and clarify any remaining doubts with your doctor. You should be accompanied by an adult to escort you home after the procedure check up.


What care should I take before lasik?

    01. Don’t wear your contact lenses even for a minute at least 1week before the procedure.
    02. Do not wear your eye make up, perfumes, lotion, hair oil or jewellery on the day of the treatment.
    03. Instill drops as advised and take your medicines on time. Have a light meal.  
    04. Inform your doctor if there is unusual discharge or redness of eye on waking up.      
Take a hair bath on the day of procedure as washing hair is not permitted for few days after the procedure.
    During Lasik [Surgery]    

Before you enter the laser room a liquid will be applied to cleanse your skin. You will be made to lie down comfortably on a reclining chair. Drops will be put to make your eye numb. An instrument called a speculum will be inserted to keep your eye open. Your eye will be washed with saline. A ring will be applied to hold your eye while the procedure is going on.

A small motorized microkeratome will created a flap. The ring and microkeratome will be removed and you will be asked to focus on a specific light. The laser beam will be focused and delivered. The flap will be repositioned, where will adhere to the cornea. Drops are instilled and the speculum is removed. All this takes mere 10-12 minutes.
    After The Surgery    

We will examine your eyes after surgery than on next day. Subsequent visits will be at the discretion of the examining surgeon. You are however free to visit the clinic as many times as you feel comfortable, should you wish to do so.

Showering 48 hours after surgery with your eyes closed
Driving When you are comfortable with your new vision, and if it meets the driving standards of your country.
Heavy exercise After about 48- 72 hours.
Swimming After three weeks.
Eye make-up After three weeks.



Enhancement / Repeat procedure



On rare occasions the eye does not respond fully to the laser treatment (about 5-7 % of cases) usually - but not exclusively in those cases which have a high initial spectacle correction. In these rare instances an enhancement procedure is required. It just involves lifting the flap and re-applying the laser for a few seconds.
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