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  Paticnts Testimonials
"I have experienced the best in Eye Care Services at CVLC. I was contem-plating Lasik for about a year now and had enquired about the same. What I did was a little research and found CVLC’s Lasik technology to be amongst the most advanced and accurate. I am happy to have the Lasik done and am now able to swim and do a whole lot of activities I otherwise couldn’t with glasses."
Mr. Suresh Patel
33 yrs, Mktg Professional
"A life without glasses or lenses was something I always wanted. I wanted an experienced Eye Surgeon and found some of the best and most experienced at CVLC. They gave me all the confidence I needed. The procedure was absolutely painless; you can talk with the Lasik Surgeon throughout. My husband was watching the procedure from the viewing gallery was thrilled to have me off those thick glasses I always carried around with me. I went from a plain Jane to a new age woman in 15 minutes."
Ms. Nitya Singh
29 yrs, Investment Manager

"My work as a software engineer makes me stare at a computer screen for hours at an end. Wearing contact lenses added to my problems & soon I was experiencing tired & red itchy eyes. I didn't realize that Contact lenses can cause your eyes to have reduced oxygen especially if you live in a Hot Dry area like Ahmedabad. My Lasik took about 15 minutes & I could see the miracle unfold immediately. The next day when I was checked I could read the chart better than what I saw with my glasses just the previous day. It truly is a Wow Surgery."
Mr. Rahul Shah
36 yrs, Computer Engineer

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